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ZEUS Methodology is tailored towards aspiring young mid-level managers like you. The focus is on growing your Managerial Competencies. And the method is ONE on ONE coaching sessions, tailored to your strength, your aspirations and your situation.

Step By Step Approach

  • You the Coachee, based on your preference, will choose your coach from a panel of Zeus Coaches; all successful & reputed professional CEOs.
  • You and the selected Coach will ascertain “personal chemistry” over a Get To Know Each Other Call, before committing to work together
  • Then your coach will undertake an inventory of your managerial competencies using ZEUS Twin Inventory of Managerial Competencies©. This unique process takes an inventory of your managerial competencies both from the Inside Out & Outside In. On completion, you will receive a formal report from your coach.
  • The first session would focus on your aspirations and the learnings from the inventory, to finalise the Coaching Goals which would be pursued in the subsequent four sessions. Over the five coaching sessions in all - typically 3 to 4 weeks apart - your coach and you, would pursue these Coaching Goals
  • All the coaching sessions would take place over telephone or Skype or similar.
  • And as a part of the fifth and final session, you will develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) for your continuing development, with the help of your coach. This is to help you sustain development of your managerial competencies.

    Additionally, if you so wish, the Coach will telephonically engage the your Immediate Superior for a brief at the start and a debrief at the end.

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