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I plan to approach my boss and my company to sponsor my ZEUS Coaching. How can ZEUS help?

ZEUS would be happy to assist you in the process of getting your company to sponsor you. The assistance could be in one or more of the following ways:

What if at the end of Get To Know Each Other meeting, my chosen coach and I do not feel comfortable working together?

We recommend that you study the profiles of ZEUS Coaches and pick the best fit. When you do that the probability of both of you developing comfort at the end of Get To Know Each Other (GETKEO) interaction would be very high.

In the unlikely event of either of you not feeling comfortable with one another, you would be free to select another ZEUS Coach and request a free Get To Know Each Other meeting.

Can I have GETKEO Meetings with 2 or 3 Coaches before selecting one?

Coaching at ZEUS, is centred around you the Coachee and your progress as a professional manager. You will be the driver for the coaching journey and your ZEUS Coach will be your trusted navigator. Trust would be at the core of your relationship.

You can short list profiles that appeal to you and check them out on the web and social media. This will help you make a more informed choice.

If post the GETKEO meeting, either you or the ZEUS Coach is uncomfortable, you can request a meeting with another ZEUS Coach.

How do I make the payment to ZEUS? Up front or in the end? What is the mechanism?

The preferred mode of payment receipt is by bank transfer such as NEFT. Cheque payment is an alternative.

Payments are to be made only after GETKEO meeting, after both confirm comfort in working together. It is only after this the contract (release of pro-forma invoice by ZEUS and acceptance of the same) is entered in to.

The full fee, Rs. 90,000/- (plus taxes) is to be paid at the time of contracting.

What if midway through the coaching sessions, I decide to discontinue? Will I get a refund?

Fair question. The GETKEO meeting is intended precisely to obviate such possibilities.

In the unlikely event of you deciding to opt out mid-stream, please discuss it with your ZEUS Coach and he will advise you. Remember, every one of them has been a former CEO and has handled many difficult situations with equanimity.

You can count on your ZEUS Coach and ZEUS to find a fair and equitable resolution.

How do I schedule the coaching sessions? Do I have to schedule all five coaching sessions in one go?

You need to schedule the subsequent session at the end of every coaching session. That said it is helpful that your coach and you agree upfront, on a mutually convenient time frame within which all the five sessions are to complete. This is a project too and it helps to set a target date for completion of the project.

It is also common for coaches to insist that you complete actions agreed to in the previous meeting, before the next session. Conforming to this would be in your interest and we recommend you take your commitments with the requisite seriousness. Of course there may be exceptional circumstances and your coaches being practical people would be understanding.

Can I contact my ZEUS Coach between sessions?

Yes, of course you can. The typical process is to send a text message or e-mail seeking a convenient time slot and then call at an agreed time.

Incidentally it is not unusual for coachees and coaches to stay in telephonic and e-mail contact, even for many years after the formal engagement comes to a close.

What would be the typical additional cost of a face to face meeting?

All our ZEUS Coaches are former CEOs. Their availability to travel would need to be ascertained first.

The incremental cost would vary from case to case. A reliable way is to estimate is by adding up half a day of the coach’s time (say Rs. 50 ~ 75,000) to cost of air travel and airport transfers. It may be simpler and more efficient for you to travel to Coach’s location.

Remember that all face to face meetings and venues would need to be planned and confirmed 3~4 weeks in advance.

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