What You Can Do, On Your Own

Remote reporting is your reality, and you need to become skilled at it. In this blog, the focus will be on the three steps you can take entirely on your own.

STEP1: Take Responsibility: Take on the responsibility to make this remote relationship work. Your stakes are 100%. Your boss will have other reportees, remote and co-located and his stakes are correspondingly lesser.

STEP 2: Seek to Understand: Find out your boss’s communication preferences.
• Medium: Telephone, Skype, E-Mail or Instant Messaging?
• Mix: Agenda by Email and details by phone or some other?
• Timing: Time of day? Day of the week?
• Place: Base station or while travelling or at home?
• Purpose: For approvals or ideating or sharing or to keep in touch?
You can reliably glean answers to the above by observing your boss’s behavioural pattern and simple checks with his / her other remote reportees!

STEP 3: Seek to be understood: Often we focus on “transmission” and ignore “reception.” You can quickly address this. All you need to do is

  • Record yourself in mock tele and video conferences. Listen/view yourself from an outsider’s perspective. You will know, what (content, sequencing, delivery) to improve.
    • Be prepared 24×7, with a list of points you would want to discuss with the boss. Keep it handy.
    • Structure your conversations and emails as a logical cascade; state what your view/ recommendation/proposal, then substantiate it and finally close with a request for decision/action.
    All the above are merely common sense. The trick is to bring common sense into play. Go ahead and hone this skill. It will do wonders for your career!
  • And, this practice is catching on, across sectors, you need to learn to work well with a remote boss. These blog posts aim to help you do that.

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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