Best Teams Thrive on Differing View Points

You may be an admirer of your boss. That doesn’t mean you will always agree with him/her on a decision. If the disagreements are minor and you may brush them aside. Some may be too significant to do that. Here are three Tips to help you navigate such situations.

Tip 1 – Remember why your Boss is your Boss

Your boss is your boss because of a combination of education, experience, and expertise. In short, he/she has earned the position, and the higher area, allows him/her to see farther. Do respect these realities, irrespective of your personal feelings vis a vis your boss.

Tip 2 – Check the balance in your Trust Account

What is the level of trust, in the relationship between you two? Is it High Medium or Low? If it needs building, what can you do to create it? A trustful relationship is an excellent platform for dealing with differences.

Tip 3 – Focus on the Issue

Clarify that you disagree on an issue/idea and not with your boss as a person. If you believe your boss’s decision was based on an incorrect premise, tactfully say so. Focusing on the assumption rather than the decision will give your boss room. He may respond with

• Whether the decision was based on that premise or not.
• If, he has validated the assumption independently.
• His remedial plans, if he has taken a decision based on an invalid premise.
• Any other.

Whatever be the outcome, it would lead to clarity on the way forward and coherent action. That itself, would be a win for the organization and therefore for you.

– By Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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