Hard work..Determination.. New strategy

PV Sindhu achieved her dream of becoming a world champion in Badminton after missing out often in the finals. What did she do differently to become the first Indian World Champion?

She remained determined in her pursuit of gold.. never gave up on her dream to be champ. How often do we give up in business on failures?

Got a new international coach. She needed a new resource to get into the next level of fitness and strategy. We need to do the same in business. Get the best coach to improve skills and capability.

Trained harder than ever. She had limited time left for leading to the championship. We need to do the same in business. Go all out and work under pressure to meet the deadline for a new opportunity.

A complete new set of strategies deployed in the match. All services were sent to backcourt during the match. Most of the shots were to backcourt sidelines. And the moment an opening came Sindhu attacked aggressively till the point was won. It floored the opponent and her coach. Before they could grasp what was happening, the first set was over.

In business also we need to change strategies depending on situations and go for the kill when an opportunity comes.

Sindhu had been beaten by the same lady in another final. But she decided to learn from the past and surprise her time with an all-new plan. This is what we need to do in business. Come up with a new plan to beat the competition. Leadership is all about constant innovations

By Narendra Ambwani for ZEUS


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