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Preparing for the meetings:

For successful conduct of cross country or multiple location meetings a, lot of preparation is required. Here are few points as a checklist to help:

  1. Participant list and dates must be planned well in advance to ensure availability of all the participants at all locations. Consider time differences and convenience. Be sure that “daytime saving” and other time change issues are accounted for in the plan.
  2. Calendar invite to confirm the date, timing, and mode of connection, instructions etc. may be sent out once dates are agreed with all the participants.
  3. Agenda must be specific and mention the names of key participants who are invited to express their suggestions on each topic of the agenda. Others in the team can give opinions after key players have contributed.
  4. Agenda must be sent 3-4 days ahead to allow the participants adequate time to prepare. A background note on key issues can also be sent ahead of the meeting. This will cut down meeting time often wasted on covering the background context.
  5. A reminder mail to all participants must be sent one day ahead of the meeting.
  6. If there are last-minute dropouts, be ready with a list of alternative names to fill-in for the missing person.
  7. Ensure that communication devices – Projectors, Conference Phones etc. are working and you are personally familiar with them. Calling technical help during a meeting is unproductive, so learn to handle all likely adverse situations yourself. Ask the Technical team to train you to be independent in handling all the devices being used during the meeting.

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