Project Confidence & Expertise Authentically

It is your turn to present a proposal, to the senior team. You are on the podium. All eyes are on you. You want to project confidence but are feeling nervous. How do you deal with this? To be nervous, when it is one’s turn, is normal. Even the best, experience this. What they have figured out is how to channelize the nervous energy into preparation.

It is quite simple when you follow these tips. At first glance, some may seem counter-intuitive. Don’t worry. They work.

Tip 1 – Present in 3 Parts: Start the presentation with your recommendation. Then substantiate it, with data. Finally, ask your audience for decision(s) on the way forward.

Don’t hide your recommendation till the very end! You may be seen as not having enough conviction in your advice!

Tip 2 – Be the focus: You are the one making the recommendation. The screen is your aid and not the other way around. Limit contents of each slide to just 3 or 5 points and a simple visual. Face the audience, make eye contact and speak. If you expect detailed data to be sought, keep a spreadsheet handy.

Many tend to fill the screen with everything they want to say and then read off the screen, with their back to the audience. Please don’t!

Tip 3 – Prepare: Prepare your slides meticulously. Compose your speaker notes, for logical flow. Practice; record your speech, review and improve it until you are satisfied.

Master these simple tips, presentations will be a breeze, you will bein to be seen as one with a potential to grow.

Master these simple tips and presentations will be a breeze. You will begin to be seen as the one with potential to grow.

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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