Fact-telling vs Story-telling

You are a highly regarded young manager in your organization. You are pleasant, articulate, steady on facts and have the self-confidence to make new proposals. A high percentage of your plans get accepted. But then, they always seem to need an intervention or a spin or a push from your boss. This annoys you. While you appreciate your boss’s support, the aspiring young manager in you would like your proposals to get accepted, on their own. Am I right?
What if we restate your annoyance as “Sell Ideas Even Better” and see where it takes us!

The fact, a high proportion of your proposals get accepted, tells us that you have most of the requirements in place; facts, logic, and delivery. The reality that it still requires a spin or a push, tells us that something is missing; possibly the glue or thread that binds and weaves them all together? What could this glue or thread be?

EM Forster, a highly regarded novelist, put out two simple statements, conveying the same facts, but having a very different impact.

“The king died, and then the queen died”
“The king died and then the queen died of grief.”

Can you see the big difference a touch of emotion and causality make? Doesn’t it engage, the listener’s heart and mind so much better? Don’t the same facts become more memorable?

This could well be the glue or thread, missing in your proposals. Try it out. Add a simple story-line while presenting your next plan. See what happens. And do let us know.

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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