Five Habits of Effective Negotiators 

We are in the “negotiating mode” during a surprisingly large part of our role as managers. Be it a simple task of persuading a subordinate to do more or a complex business deal; we are “negotiating”! Here are five habits that effective negotiators practice. Try them out and see the difference they make.

Habit 1 Know what you want: List what you want and break it up into essential and desirable. Focus the negotiations on the essentials.  Take a happy go lucky approach towards the desirables.

Habit 2 – Find out what the other party wants: Take the initiative. Do background research, ask direct and indirect questions, find out what all the other party wants and list their wants. Classify the other party’s wants into the three colour codes based on your point of view; Green (ok with it), Yellow (have mild objections to) and Red (have strong objections to).

Habit 3 – Map out the negotiation field: Combine the two lists and you will get a reliable sense of the negotiation field; where both the opportunities and obstacles are.

Habit 4 – Pick routes: Find one or more practicable route(s), where you can leverage opportunities to overcome some obstacles. As far possible, keep clear of big obstacles.

Habit 5 – Build Trust and Be Patient: A Win-Win Mindset is key to winning your counterpart’s trust. That also implies determination and patience to find a solution that is good for both.

Summarising, map out the field, and approach with a Win-Win Mindset. You will close on a deal that is truly a win-win for both!

– by Ravi Santhanam  for ZEUS


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