The Art of WINNING others over

You are a high performer. You are on the way up. You are your colleague’s envy. And, some of them may choose to be unhelpful. What should you do? How can you turn get them around? Here are three typical situations and practical tips. Try them out!

Typical Situation Practical Tip
You are presenting to your boss and peers. One of your colleagues makes a rude remark that derides your team or you. Respond with, “Could you please repeat what you just said? I am not sure I heard you”.

The most likely reaction will be a sheepish grin, followed by “What I was trying to say was …”!

You are negotiating hard on a matter pivotal to your team. Suddenly, a colleague asks “Why are you so uncompromising and adamant”? You could smile and say, Thank You for noticing that I am passionate about this. It is pivotal to my team. Do you have any out of the box ideas for a win-win solution?

The offending colleague may either share a new idea or merely shrug his shoulders. The discussion will move on productively.

You are in a heated discussion and your colleague puts his / her nose up in the air and says, “I don’t want to fight about this”. Respond with a simple “Of course neither of us wants to fight. We are merely debating ideas to find what is best for the company. Isn’t that why we are meeting?”

You will sense an immediate lowering of tension, and more reasonable exchanges will follow.

Go ahead and WIN over your unhelpful colleagues; interaction by interaction.

– by Ravi Santhanam  for ZEUS



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