Constructive engagement for a win-win

We are often faced with conflicting opinions with the boss or colleagues. It usually ends in one or both sides feeling like losers. Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Welcome conflicts. “There are many ways to skin a cat” as the saying goes. Your idea may be only one of the options.
    2. Show respect and appreciate different ideas and approaches on an issue.
    Do not allow your ego to come in the way. It’s a professional discussion and more ideas on the table the better.
    3. Avoid any judgemental comments like someone is suggesting a foolish/ idiotic idea.
    4. Discuss pro and cons of different designs or approaches involved. Be logical. Identify areas of agreements and differences.
    5. Keep in mind the end goal of what’s good for the company or stakeholders. Give equal weight to various ideas irrespective of the title or position of the person bringing up the idea.
    6. Keep your mind open and look for positive points of different conflicting views.
    7. Focus on the issue and resolution and not on who as a person won his point of view. Focus on the win for the stakeholders – Customers / Associates/ Business.
    8. Remain friendly and respectful in voice, tone, and language.

Managing conflict is a leadership skill which can help you build successful teamwork and get cooperation from various functions interacting with your work.

– by Narendra Ambwani for Zeus

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