It is good to think ahead and have a sensible career plan. Or is it?

As a third-year engineering student, a friend accepted a job with a rather sedate company, even though she had another offer that included a chance to study abroad. When I asked her why she chose the first, she said, “This is a better option for when I get married and start a family”. At that time, I was impressed by her foresight.

But, she got married five years later.

In those five years, could she have developed a wider portfolio of skills and competencies? Built a network? Travelled the globe?

Often we turn down an opportunity because sometime in the future, we may need to change tracks.

When offered an opportunity, most women ask themselves – how will I do this job when I get married, have children, have to care for elders?

Whereas, the only questions we should ask are – what is the role? What will I learn? What value does this add to my resume? And, maybe, how much will I earn?

We need to think about our careers in tranches of 18 months to two years.

The key milestones in our career depend on the choices that we make at the crossroads. Dream opportunities must be seized and built upon with care, as that is the signal that we aspire to be among the best.

Let us say yes to roles that allow us to develop ourselves and build our credibility as professionals. That way, we will have sponsors who will speak up for us down the line.

Let us not reject today’s opportunities for a hazy tomorrow.

By : Rajani Seshadri for ZEUS


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