Speak Up for Your Career

Asking for a promotion can be awkward. What if your boss thinks you are over ambitious? Worse still, what if he were to laugh as if your ask was a joke? Here are three simple steps, to ask for a promotion, with a high probability of getting one!

Step 1 – Clarity: Be clear on what you want as the next step(s) in your career; do you want to grow as a manager of managers or do you want to grow as a specialist in a function or a geography or a process. Once you are clear on your aspirations, observe what the top management demands of the current incumbents. You will know the competencies you need to acquire.

Step 2 – Ask: Proactively ask your boss for add-on assignments/tasks that will help you develop the needed competencies. For example, if you are in sales, and the competency you need is the skill of coordinating with manufacturing, look out for add-on assignments/tasks that will help you cultivate this skill. The key is to show your hunger and the direction of your desire.

Step 3 – Dialogue: Set up an ongoing conversation with your boss on your performance and his feedback. It could be a 5 ~ 10-minute conversation once in three months. It could be at your boss’s office or over lunch or while travelling. At a minimum, your boss will take note of your career aspirations. At a maximum, he may actually develop a career plan for you and help you with it

Growth is your responsibilities, take charge. Get over your shyness and ask for a promotion. Do it the right way.

– by Ravi Santhanam  for ZEUS


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