Be Calm Be Composed

We have in our midst, a new Indian philosopher Deepak Kumar. After winning a coveted medal for India, at the 2018 Asiad, he said, “Shooting is a mind game, so in any situation, we need to stay in samavastha / equanimity” as reported by Economic Times of 21st Aug 2018.

The dictionary defines equanimity as calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation. You are the manager of an important part of the business for your company. Your company and your colleagues are depending on you, to steer them through difficult situations. And, how calm and composed are you, while doing that? Aren’t you too competing with the best, from around the world, much like Deepak Kumar? You know all the challenges in winning over, customers, suppliers, bosses, peers, and subordinates. How can you be just as successful as Deepak Kumar?

Our young philosopher has an insight. In the same press report, he says, “Our game is not a power game like wrestling or kabaddi. In our game, the minute you use power, things go wrong. We have to use our muscles and at the same time not use them, i.e. stay in the middle. The exact shot comes when we are shoonya (zero) from the mind, and the muscle pressure is also shoonya.”

How do you play your lead your through difficult situations? Do you use power and authority like in wrestling or Kabadi, or a calm and composed mind as in sharpshooting?

Reflect! And, do let us know what are you doing to grow your calmness and composure.

– by Ravi Santhanam for ZEUS

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