Ethically and Effectively

You are a professional manager. Like most of us, you too may be hesitant to promote yourself. You have had enough of the pompous, selfish types, blowing their trumpets. And, you certainly don’t want to be like them. How then, do you ensure you are recognized for your real contributions and real talents?

The answer is simple. Just follow these pure Dos and Don’ts and you will do just fine.

• Talk about how success was achieved “along” with others; how you all worked together and made it happen. Showcase your managerial & leadership skills: which is all about teamwork, alignment and delivering results.
• Be factual. State the results you achieved, at a particular task, in a given situation by taking certain actions. E.g., You could say, “We accomplished Result R, on Task T, despite the challenging situation S, by taking approach A.” Of course, this would require some preparation. Put in the effort.
• Make it valuable to your senior colleagues, by sharing learnings. E.g., What is it the organization could learn from this instance for similar situations in the future?

• Attribute the entire achievement all to yourself. Avoid the I. It is a guaranteed turn-off.
• Pretend, Lie or Fake it in any way. You will be found out sooner than later. Your credibility would crumble and with that possibility of career growth.
• Create unrealistic expectations. Don’t project yourself as something you are not! Remember, you will have to live up to the expectations you build.
Get over the shyness. Do promote yourself; ethically & effectively.

– By Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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