Shalini groaned – her boss of over ten years was moving on. The new boss had sent out an email, saying, among other things, that meetings would last no longer than 30 minutes and that he wanted short data-based reports.

Shalini’s first meeting lasted exactly 30 minutes.  There was a ton of adverse feedback on her hastily prepared charts. And… there was no casual conversation, no talk about a movie watched over the weekend, not even a mention of this GOT season. She missed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

But, Shalini realised that she had to adapt to the new boss. Fortunately, she already knew some of his preferences. She reluctantly decided that he probably wanted to use his meetings efficiently to come up to speed ASAP. Maybe, it was nothing personal.

Over the next month, Shalini used her Google BigQuery skills to produce sharp, precise, analytical reports. To her surprise, she found that she wasn’t staying back late at work in the evening, but was getting a lot more accomplished during her workday, as her reports were templatised and therefore crisper, as were her meetings.

She prepared better for her 30-minute meetings. She presented data, interpreted it, and articulated what she planned to do. She now felt a greater sense of ownership for her function.

The preparation was now a work habit that she applied to other meetings as well, earning her a lot of appreciation.

Shalini realised that the change in bosses had been a transformational, learning experience for her. It had contributed to her professional growth by expecting her to acquire new skills and change her work practices.


By : Rajani Seshadri for Zeus


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