Authenticity makes you influential

 Have you seen leaders who influence almost anyone? Are there people you know who are perceived to be both trustworthy and respected? Are there senior executives you know, who are consistent in their behavior and approach towards issues? What strikes you as common about all these qualities?

Consistent behavior makes you perceived by others as reliable. When the consistency in you comes from healthy beliefs and principles, you can better earn respect as well as the trust of your colleagues. People, who win the trust and respect of others, are influential – regardless of position power.

Here are some tips for you to develop authentic leadership:

  1. Always operate with a set of principles. Make sure your principles are not just about you, but also about how they can benefit others (for example, your customers, your company, your colleagues, your partners, your family, your friends, etc.)
  2. In difficult and serious moments, articulate the principle(s) behind your action or stand. And, sometimes your point may not get taken seriously. But, you did not miss the opportunity to show your consistency!
  3. Stay authentic – and stay helpful. There could be times when your authenticity can cause pain for others. Reach out to check if there are other ways in which you can help reduce that pain.
  4. Always remain open to considering new possibilities. No two situations are the same. Be aware of the situation you are dealing with – facts at hand and the emotions of people.
  5. Be reflective. Introspect. Nurture your authenticity.

Practice these consistently and see your influence quotient go up!

  • By Ravi Santhanam for ZEUS

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