Don’t let Stress Manage You

Stress @ Work is a reality. You are always under pressure; either to deliver a result or meet a deadline or some other such. You need to perform well, and you can play well, even in such a pressure cooker environment! All you need to do are three simple things.

Know when you are under Stress. It is easy to detect because stress disturbs your whole body. Blood pressure, heart rate, and adrenalin flow are all affected. You may feel tightness in your gut or chest. You may experience sweating of the palms or some other such. Listen to your body. Recognise, accept and acknowledge you are under stress. You are after all human!

Stop for a pause before you take any decision or action, be it big or small. Pause even a simple act such as replying to an email. Take a deep breath, drink some water or greet a colleague; in short, shift your attention away from the cause of stress, for just a minute or so. You will begin to calm down. The tightness will ease. Your innate power of critical judgment will come back. Your responses will be superior. And you will be seen as a Manager who makes better decisions and enjoys better relationships.

Prevent sustained stress from leading you to burnouts. Remember, anxiety is externally triggered and you have no control over it. What you do have power over is how you respond to stress! Knowing you have this control, will liberate you.

Summing Up
1. Know when you are under stress – by listening to your body
2. Regain your calmness & good judgment – by pausing briefly.
3. Liberate yourself – by gaining control over how you respond, under stress.

– By Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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