Failure is in the mind. So is a success. Choose carefully.

 In August 2018 P V Sindhu missed winning the title at the BWF World Championship. Coach Gopichand said that the loss is not of much concern. How can such a failure in a competitive sport not matter? Is the significance of a vital outcome being belittled – or worse still, ignored?

The world is replete with the inspiring stories of achievers in diverse fields, professions, and pursuits. Pick any story. Peel away the layers. And, one thing that will stand out is the way the achiever handled failures. One must not miss the deeper meaning Gopichand’s words carry. They emphasize on the need for a player to take defeat in the stride and move on. By “moving on,” champions do not merely acknowledge failure, but also embrace it. Achievers hold dear two truths: (i) never get paralyzed by failure, i.e., move on (ii) how a champion moves on demonstrates how seriously the failure is taken.

When it comes to handling failures:

Put the first thing first. Decide and commit to moving on! A poor/disappointing outcome is just an outcome as long as one moves on. Not moving on is the failure!

Be purposeful in moving on – to create a better version of yourself, and to improve chances of future success.

  • Think “Why” and identify vital causes.
  • Think of “What” you will do differently.
  • Think of “How” to do some things you have not done before.
  • Think of “Who” can help you the above three.

Tap your potential. There will be failures when you aim high! Why build a ship and not venture out?

By Sundar Parthasarathy for Zeus

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