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You know you are ready for promotion. Do the decision Makers know? Have you shown them you are ready? Here are four simple actions, to do just that.

Connect to big priorities: What are your organization’s big priorities? How do you connect and contribute to that? What are your outputs that added to the significant preferences? Share the answers softly, with the decision makers, one bite at a time. And when they see you are focused on the big priorities and contributing to them, they will ask themselves, why not consider this youngster for a more prominent role, since he is so well clued?

Volunteer: There are gaps in every organization. It is either work falling between two roles or a surprise event/project. Be the first to volunteer. It would be additional work, and you would be stretching yourself. Do it. It is well worth it. The decision makers would experience first hand, your zest & capacity to do more.

Get Things Done: Get things done; with your team & your peers. And, share the credit, with all the contributors. Remember – decision makers are not looking for a Superman, who will do everything by himself. They are looking for managerial talent, which builds teams, aligns them and achieves organizational goals.

Get on the Radar: You know who the decision makers are. Cultivate them. Seek their counsel. Share your successes. And when the opportunity comes along, you will be on top of their minds!

Remember. There is no fo olproof formula for winning promotions. Demonstrate these four behaviours, and you will multiply your opportunities for developments.

– By Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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