It is not another step, but a New Ladder!

You were a sales expert or a technology specialist. You performed well, and you have been promoted to a team manager. Many would be congratulating you on moving up the ladder. While it may seem so, it is not so. You have leaped to an entirely new ladder. A new ladder that demands a whole new set of skills.

Your company is aware of this and has organized necessary training programs. Do take full advantage of these. Besides, consider the following actions on your own.

Action 1 – Reset expectations on rewards: Until now, your rewards depended on your performance. From now on your rewards will depend on your team’s performance. Ask yourself

i. How should I organize my group for success?
ii. How can I help each member of my team succeed?
iii. What support do they need from other squads? How can I mobilize that?

Action 2 – Take a horizontal view too: You took “deep/vertical” views as an expert or specialist and rightly so. Now that you are a Manager, you need to develop a horizontal view, too. Make a beginning. Ask yourself

i. What are the company’s big priorities?
ii. Which part(s) of the big priority must my team deliver on its own?
iii. Which section must (s) of the Big Priority my team provides along with other groups?

Action 3 – Ask and Take Help: You are new in the role. Don’t be shy. Ask and take help from your immediate superior and peers. They will share. You will learn.

Summing up, you did well as an individual contributor. Now you need to do well as a Manager. Take the initiative. Learn. And, you will.

– By Ravi Santhanam for ZEUS

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