Be a decisive, resourceful and an independent manager

Many managers run to the boss and seek help on every issue, situation, conflict or decision? Doing so can actually hurt your chances of progress. Here is why and what you should consider doing instead.

Do not assume that boss has answers for every issue. There may be others with the right expertise who can provide you with good advice.

Respect time of your boss. Go to him only if you cannot resolve the issue using your resources or only if the boss has the expertise.

Even when you go to the boss do not only present the problem. Go with recommendations and alternatives solutions. Demonstrate that you have done your homework and tapped own resources.

In case of a conflict or disagreement with a colleague, meet the person directly. Share your point and understand his. If still no resolution only then, go to the boss with both points of view. Preferably take the colleague along. This builds trust with colleagues and shows maturity and professional approach.

Be ready to take risks. If you are convinced about a course of action, just do it. Own the result. No boss minds a failure as long as you can explain the logic of your decision and you own the results. Failures will happen. You have to show that you learned from them. Overcome the fear of taking decisions.

High initiative, result orientation, risk-taking, resourcefulness, teamwork and decision making abilities will make you a high potential candidate ready for promotion.

Take charge of your responsibilities and handle them well to prove your worth to the organisation.

By Narendra Ambwani for Zeus

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