Learning from the Master 

We have all heard the adage “Respect is to be earned and not demanded.” While this appeals instinctively, we still wonder. How does it work? What should one do to earn respect? Let us learn from Roger Federer, one of the all-time greats in sports in general and tennis in particular.

Our Virat Kohli met Roger Federer at the recent Australian Open. And this is what Kohli had to say (according to – ”Amazing. I have met him (Federer) a couple of times before, the fact that he remembered me was like ‘wow’”. It is clear that Kohli came away from the interaction, with even greater respect for Federer! How did Roger Federer, do it?

Let us ask some simple questions and guess at the answers.

Does Federer follow Cricket? Probably not.

Why then did he even bother to remember Kohli, a cricketer? Probably because Federer respects all top class sportspersons irrespective of the sport they excel in.

What is the need for Federer to disclose his respect for Kohli? Probably because Federer, despite all his incredible achievements, is a humble and respectful person.

Summarising, Roger Federer, has two simple tips for all of us.

Tip 1: Whenever you meet someone, be curious. Ask questions. Learn about them. And when you learn about someone, you will remember them.

Tip 2: When you remember someone and tell them that you remember them, they feel valued/respected. And they reciprocate with respect for you.

Go on. Be authentic. Take a genuine interest in others. People will perceive it as you being respectful. And sure enough, their respect for you will grow.

– by Ravi Santhanam  for ZEUS




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