Do you recall setting a goal, and achieving it? Didn’t that feel wonderful? Do you also recall setting a goal but somehow missing it. Would you like to achieve every goal you set?

A Zen Master from the fifth century AD, created the Daruma doll  (featured above) to help every one of us achieve our goals. The doll comes with two blank eyes. When you set yourself a goal, you paint the first eye black, and place it in a prominent spot. On achieving the goal, you paint the second eye, in celebration!

Right through the journey, the one eyed Daruma doll will stare at you and constant ly remind you of the goal. And, whenever you experience a set back, push the doll down and watch it spring back (it is weighed at the bottom). You will be reminded of the need to spring back!

Next time you set yourself a goal, try out these simple steps.

STEP 1: Treat your chosen Goal as a project. Define its start and its end. If your goal is to improve your fitness, you may define it as “I now take 40 minutes to walk 3 KMs. My goal is to do it in 30 mins”.

STEP 2: Set up a commitment device, a colourful graphic or a picture or an attractive object, that would constantly remind you of the goal.

STEP 3: Spring-back every time you experience a setback. Setbacks are a part of the journey.

STEP 4: On achieving the goal, celebrate, in a memorable way.

Go Ahead and Achieve Your Goals!

By : Ravi Santhanam


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