How to Win in the face of uncertainty

The Indian Cricket Team is keen on winning the Second ODI at Nagpur, on March 5, 2019. They are also keen on winning the ICC World Cup this summer. What are the challenges the Team Management is facing, in balancing the need to win today with the need to win some months from now? How are they responding? What lessons can business leaders like you learn from them?

Like you, the Cricket Team Management faces to a number of uncertainties. To list a few

  • Would India choose to play at the 2109 world cup, in view of recent developments?
  • What would the conditions (weather and pitch) be at each of the many venues? Who would it favour? Batters or bowlers? Pace or spin?
  • What would be the composition of competing teams?
  • Which of our players would be in or out of form, then?
  • What do we do if there are injuries, either during the tournament or in the interim?

Clearly, that is a vicious mix of external and internal uncertainties, much like what you experience as a business leader.

How is the Team Management handling this? By hunkering down to the basics and focusing on what they control and influence; get the 15 member squad right, so that, in every playing situation it is possible to pick the optimal playing 11! And they are doing that by making this ODI series, both a challenge and reward; perform today, and we will consider you for the high profile role, representing India at the World Cup.

You lead a large business. You face many uncertainties. What is your approach to assembling a Winning Squad? Do tell us.

– by Ravi Santhanam for ZEUS

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