Excelling at the game of Leadership Development

In today’s highly dynamic and diverse workforce, old rules of management have run out on their effectiveness & don’t work the way they did.

That’s why leaders around the world are increasingly subscribing to the transformative power of executive coaching (EC); to better themselves & lead their organizations to greater glories.

In a digital economy where anything that can be converted into an algorithm is poised to disrupt the norm more than ever, EC leverages innately “human” capabilities. Aspects currently beyond the realm of Bigdata & AI are becoming vital for continuity, success & progress.

EC traditionally focuses on top management, with its basis, quoting Marshall Goldsmith, “What Got You Here,  Won’t Get You There”. This applies to leadership development as well. When extended to encompass mid-career future leaders, coaching provides a practical & long-term strategy for building and developing a sustainable leadership pipeline. In a VUCA environment, “Catch them young”, or rather, “COACH them EARLY”, has never been as pertinent as it’s today.

Access to a Coach and the power of Coachee-centric engagements provides mid-career Hi-potentials the ideal (& secure) environment to realize their unique strengths, identify developmental opportunities, etc. Thus, allowing leverage to succeed not just in the here-and-now, but also the future.

Additionally, this widening of the audience may help reinstate “old world values” of loyalty and trust – the elusive stickiness that’s necessary for sustained growth & development.

Bottom line, whatever the “age” of industrialization, businesses are all about relationships, viz. People-serving-People. Coaching addresses the crux – i.e., helping people towards self-realization & leverage, positive change, and overall well-being. Where leadership is an attitude, success is bound to be a default!

– by Sadhana Somasekhar for Zeus

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