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You are accountable for your organization’s performance, and you are dependent on the talent / hi-potentials, in the team, to do that. You also know that at times even hi-potential talent fail to deliver, even on tasks within their reach. Wouldn’t it be nicer, if you could get the expertise to perform, almost all the time?

It is possible for you to get talent to perform, almost all the time. One you have to always hold them to a high standard. Additionally, you need to track their performance, understand the speed breakers they are experiencing and help remove them. The following questions would help you do that

When hi-potential, performs surprisingly poorly, ask

1. Is there a good fit between the assignment and known talents?
2. Is he/she getting along with the immediate superior?
3. Are there any cultural issues on the team?

When hi-potential, performs but not to full potential, ask

1. Does the hi-potential, find the current assignment challenging enough?
2. Were his / her earlier achievements, recognized?
3. Is he/she experiencing any difficulty, in winning cooperation from peer group?

When hi-potential, performs to full potential, ask

1. What are all the factors that contributed to your success?
2. What more could the company have done?
3. What are your significant new learnings from this exposure?

In short, be curious. Keep asking questions that will lead to the appropriate intervention(s). You will learn and so with the hi-potential talent!

Hi-potentials are intrinsically hi-maintenance resources. Timely and insightful interventions will make all the difference. Would you like to try this out and share your experiences?

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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