“Organisations, where everyone is always busy, is likely to burn out eventually”

Many CXOs believe that if an organisation is buzzing with activities, it will surely be successful since there is no substitute for hard work. While it is true in most cases, this is not sustainable over a long period, and soon performance takes a hit from fatigue. Hence, this is a self-limiting belief. In the face of many challenges (VUCA world), the human mind tends to find comfort in a high level of activity, consolation in unsparing efforts, while throwing aside – reflection, ideation and creativity. Work-life balance is key to sustained leadership success. Experience tells us the following.

  1. Most work is hard and doesn’t need re-emphasis
  2. Use of Knowledge, technology for efficiency is key to creating space for innovation and continuous improvement
  3. The focus should be on the approach to work, that ensures the desired outcome
  4. Looking busy is often a cover for inefficiency and prospective failure

As CEOs, we get people to behave the way, they think that is acceptable to us. You need to watch out for what message are you sending out to your leadership team? The problem described is widespread, and if you can relate to it, you may want to think about what can be done? Here are a few suggestions that you could consider.

  1. Emphasize time discipline (start and end work on time) and smart work over hard work.
  2. Talk about the importance of work-life balance. Ask people to plan their vacation at the beginning of the year itself.

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