Huge success of a single party in the recent general elections has many lessons for leadership and management:

  1. Identify the pain points of your customer groups. Gas and electricity for village folks. Urban housing for the middle class. Infrastructure quality.
  2. Make your plans based on the needs of your key customers. All schemes of the party addressed, these identified needs of specific groups of the population.
  3. Identify universal appeal issues and create initiatives to address these — education for a girl child, toilets, employment, financial support for entrepreneurs, and so on.
  4. Do not ignore emotional connect in your plans. Clean Ganges would be in this category. Emotionally connect with your customers is vital for your success.
  5. Communicate constantly with your customers on the benefits of your products and services.
  6. Use multimedia to communicate with different sections of your customers. Each medium has a role to play and appeals to different target groups in different ways. Adapt your message to the target group — radio for masses, TV for Urban, Social for youth etc.
  7. Emphasise the most appropriate key message at the right time. Example- focused on national security, after enemy caused violence in the border. That shift of focus had the right impact at the right time.

The huge victory of a party in recent elections was no accident or a lucky break. It was a result of carefully implemented strategy, programs and communications based on an excellent understanding of their customers.

Is it not true in Business and Brand building? Our services and brands must continuously evolve to meet the changing requirements of customers. Use multimedia approach for right messages at the right time.

By : Narendra Ambwani for  ZEUS



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