Can you really do without these talented rebels?

You often come across in many organisations, the odd maverick who produces great results but also gives plenty of trouble. Such people often produce breakthrough results but take short-cuts in processes and leave many lose-ends that eventually require cleaning up. The challenge you face:

  • If you enforce discipline with a heavy hand, they tend to get demotivated, and their performance takes a nosedive.
  • If you give them unbridled freedom, they can pose a risk to the business, and you end up sending a very wrong message to the rest who are performers, but also compliant.
  • In such situations, you have a difficult time managing the risk while encouraging such people to continue pushing boundaries and not curtailing their creativity and energy.

What should you be doing?

  1. These mavericks stand out from the rest. They are passionate and singularly focused on results, and they have their own way of achieving them. You want them in the organisation.
  2. You need to have a close working relationship with these people so there is a rapport and open communication. Knowing how they are going about their work will give you early warnings about disruptions if any.
  3. While appreciating extraordinary results, work with such people on their development road-map. It is here that you identify their unmitigated risk-taking as an opportunity for change. Continuous feedback will help in bringing them within some limits. Mending some of their radical methods is critical for their own future success.
  4. Invest in coaching for such people as they can turn-out be outstanding leaders.


By : Ravi Santhanam for Zeus


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