Go the extra mile. They are your future

You value Hi-Potential Talent. You figured out how to spot them. You understood their needs and wanted. Moreover, you act on all these. You still wonder, will I be able to retain them?

Your doubt is justified.

One: Hi Potential Talent does more and also expect more.

Two: They set a high-performance bar, for themselves and the organization.

Three: They have plenty of alternatives, outside.

Here are three tips. Apply them imaginatively. You will retain your Hi-Potential Talent.

Tip 1 Do Check Engagement Levels: Engagement is all about emotional connect with / ownership of the task. Is your organization making them feel they own what they are doing? Alternatively, is it making them feel like just another cog in the machine?
Tip 2 Do Expose them to Hi Risk Assignments: Performing under fire, is critical to learning. True leadership development takes place only under conditions of real stress.

Do provide this opportunity to your Hi-Potential Talent, with the assurance, it is ok to stumble & fall, as long as get up and move forward.

Do this early in their career. You will be leveraging on the innate resilience of youth and also minimizing potential cost to the organization.

Tip 3 Don’t Delegate to Line Management: Would you delegate to line management decisions relating to any of the other long-term assets such as plant, machinery, technology or markets? Why then delegate nurturing and development of Hi Potential Talent, to line management?

It is Hi Potential Talent who will launch new businesses, build better customer relationships, and drive innovation, in the years to come. You need them. Retain them.

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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