“how to keep the high potential team inspired and engaged”

As a CEO or CXO, one of your many concerns would be, how to retain your top talent? Since high performers tend to be highly sought after, are usually impatient for growth, have a competitive attitude, need space and freedom to leverage their full potential.

Here are a few steps you could consider, to keep your best and brightest motivated and emotionally engaged?

  1. Trust – build an equation of trust; communicate openly, act with transparency always by a pre-communicated set of rules and principles.
  2. Support and encouragement – focus on their success in achieving goals, so they carry home 100% of their earning potential.
  3. Empower – encourage them to explore their full potential by allowing them to execute ambitious plans just specifying the boundaries and threshold limits, offering help where needed.
  4. Team engagements – as highly talented people like to belong to a select group, set up forums where they can interact and contribute.
  5. Regular connect – informal meetings one-on-one periodically to discuss their challenges, provide guidance, assess motivation levels and exchange feedback. You will know what is on their mind and you can intervene as and when required.
  6. Open recognition – both in one to one interactions and group meetings show appreciation for good work based on specific examples as far as possible ensure it is not always the same people. Positive strokes tend to be more effective than negative feedback.
  7. Rapport – know about them and their families, hobbies, etc.
  8. Development – invest in them by giving access to development opportunities to increase their knowledge and improve their leadership profile.

By Pradeep Sen for Zeus

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