Go beyond mere Hi-Performance

You are aware of the war for talent! You know how difficult it is to find, recruit & induct, talent from outside. It certainly makes sense to look within, spot Hi Potential Talent, and invest in their development.

How do you spot High Potential Talent? Can performance at current position predict performance at higher levels? Will performance in today’s world assure performance in tomorrows world where technology, markets, and social attitudes may be very different?

Progressive leaders like you have addressed these challenges. They have realized that while performance (form) may be temporary, a potential (talent) is enduring. They have the corresponding reward system in place; money for performance & career opportunities for a possibility. This done, they have set up five common-sense filters to spot hi-potentials; Learning, Agility, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Listening Skills and Engagement Levels. And, five questions to filter out hi-potential talent.

Does he/she
…Learn by experience and use that learning to handle different situations?
…Act as a good team player? Interested in and helpful to others?
… Listen with their ears, eyes, mind, and heart open and pick up verbal & other cues?
… Explain ideas clearly and crisply and cover both the big picture and critical details?
… See own professional achievements through the prism of company growth?

When the answer is YES to all five, you know for sure you have spotted a Hi-Potential, and the process of nurturing and development can begin.

What are the filters you have set up in your organization to spot Hi-Potential Talent?

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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    August 8, 2018 at 7:26 am

    Absolutely agree….bag on target….Great enterprising leaders would indeed follow Lesson 2 to their heart ..”The leader / manager should be more like a film director than an army general. Cajole performance from talent rather than command”.

    • Ravi Santhanam

      Ravi Santhanam

      August 24, 2018 at 3:18 pm

      Thanks, Mahesh. Great choice of words “Cajole Performance”! Is it ok if I were to post a blog with that title? Of course, I will give you credit for the wonderful title.


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