Take Your Organisation Ahead

You know that creativity has the power to solve intractable problems. You also know that it is hard to say when creative ideas will come about. You keep wondering how can I make creativity happen more predictably and when needed. Here are five tips to make your organisation a lot more creative.

Tip1 – Believing in everyone’s Creativity: All of us are born creative. However various conditioning factors such as education and socio-cultural environment have stifled this creativity. As the boss, you are well placed to remove these blocks and allow creativity to emerge.

Tip 2 – Begin with Hi Potentials: Creativity, of the kind your business needs, is not some airy arty stuff. The type of creativity you need calls for synthesis and systemic view. It also requires a deep understanding of elements and subsystems. Since your hi-potentials possess this understanding, it makes sense to begin with them.

Tip 3 – Think Teams not Individuals: Delegate creative challenges to a small team of three or four hi-potentials, with complementary skills. Creativity needs a forum to exchange thoughts and develop piggyback ideas. Provide it.

Tip 4 – Delegate in an Empowering Way: Share the “WHY” or the big picture. Encourage the team to dialogue with you on “WHAT” needs to be done. Leave the “HOW” it is to be done, entirely to them.

Tip 5 – Motivate Right: Do share the benefits that will accrue to the organisation. Refrain from offering monetary incentives and other such. Research has convincingly shown that carrot and stick policy never triggers creative solutions.

Go beyond. Take your organisation ahead, by unleashing the creativity of your Hi Potentials.

– by Ravi Santhanam for ZEUS

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