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You have in place a robust program to spot, nurture and grow hi-potential talent. While you are proud of the program, you are also worried. How committed are my Hi-Potentials?

At the core of every hi-potential talent, is the inner drive and motivation to succeed in the future. The key to winning their commitment is engaging them around “succeeding in the future” both as individuals and a member of a future-oriented organization.

To know if you are engaging them enough, as individuals, ask

1. Do they understand why they have been given their present assignment? What are the skills and competencies, you expect them, to pick up?
2. Do they have a sense of what their next task is likely to be? Also the knowledge and skills they need to pick up now, in preparation for that?
3. Are alternate career paths (such as specialist vs generalist) open to them? Are they aware of it? If yes, to do they have a say in picking among the alternatives?

To understand whether they have belief in the organization’s future, ask

1. Do they know what the organization’s future is, including the whys and Whats?
2. Do they get to meet and interact with organization’s leaders, often enough?
3. In their view, is your organization’s culture, future-oriented enough?

A robust program for hi-potential talent is necessary, but not enough. To win their commitment, you need to win the perception game! They need to see their assignments, developmental inputs, and the organization, as all future-oriented.

Is your organization future-oriented enough, in the eyes of your hi potential talent?

– by Ravi Santhanam for Zeus

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    • Ravi Santhanam

      Ravi Santhanam

      August 24, 2018 at 3:19 pm

      Good to learn that you find the proposed approach useful. Do let us know when you implement a similar approach as appropriate for your organization. Will be great learning for all of us!

  • Ravi Santhanam

    Ravi Santhanam

    August 24, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Thanks Mahesh! Wonderful to know that the proportion of time on training, improves as you go up the ladder. Could you please describe this pattern a little more. Useful to all of us!


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