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Begin your journey with your chosen Zeus Coach. Start with a specific question such as

I have just got the assignment I was looking for. How do I make a success of it?

How can I continuously learn critical job skills for long-term career growth?

My career is on the right track. My family is well set. How do I find time for both?

I have just been promoted. Some of my former peers are now subordinates! How do I deal with this?

I am strong on 'Tech' and I have a 'Tech Role'. As I move up, expectations from me as a 'people manager' are sure to grow. How do I prepare for this?

Such questions are typical of the challenges young aspiring managers like you face. Such questions are well addressed through Zeus’s Coaching.

Step 1

You choose your Coach from a panel of Zeus Coaches, every one of them a successful and reputed former CEO. Scan the panel. Go through their profiles. Choose based on your personal preferences and gut feel.

Click on the link and request an introductory meeting over telephone with Zeus.

Step 2

Take the decision to raise your performance and grow your career, through coaching. Fill up the online form and send a request for GTKEO (Get To Know Each Other) meeting, with your chosen coach.

Have a ONE on ONE meeting over telephone with your chosen Zeus Coach. Get to know each other. Ascertain “personal chemistry” and get started.

Step 3

Zeus will send you two simple forms to fill up. Please fill them in & e-mail to your Coach.

  • The first one would be the Inside Out Managerial Capabilities Survey. You will in your own words describe four first-hand professional experiences. This may take you about 40 mins.
  • The second one will request you to provide a list of four people, who know you well professionally and whose opinion you respect. This would typically be a mix of subordinates, peers and may be even your immediate superior. These contacts would be used by your Coach for the Outside In Survey. You would also be requested to alert each of them that you have requested your Zeus Coach would be getting in touch.

Step 4

You will receive your ZEUS Twin Inventory of Managerial Capabilities© report from your Coach. And that will mark the beginning of your Coaching sessions. The focus of every coaching Session would be building your Managerial Competencies.

The five Coaching Sessions are expected to be completed in about 16~20 weeks. At the end of every Coaching session you will receive brief minutes from your ZEUS Coach. Only you and your coach would be privy to these minutes.

The minutes would be exchanged between your coach and you alone. They will not be shared with anyone including ZEUS.

Step 5

During the 5th Coaching session, your ZEUS Coach will help you develop a “Continuing Development Plan” on a ZEUS Template. This is to ensure that you continue on your path of building your managerial competencies, even after the coaching engagement draws to a close.

NOTE: If you so wish, your Coach will telephonically engage your Immediate Superior for a brief at the start and a debrief at the end, of the coaching engagement.

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