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Why Choose ZEUS Coaching?

You must pick ZEUS Coaching for the end result it will deliver; upgrading your managerial competencies and thereby raising your performance and growing your career.

ZEUS brings to you the benefits of coaching by former CEOs with decades of practical experience, in real world. And ZEUS does this in a way that is practical and affordable. There are three reasons why ZEUS coaching will work for you.

ONE: Your career, depends on your performance, which in turn depends on building your Managerial Competencies. You need customised ONE on ONE Coaching to up your competencies, in a way that works for you.

TWO: Every Zeus Coach, began his / her career as a trainee and made it to the very top. They know of the practical challenges at every rung of the ladder. And they know how to overcome each and every one of these challenges.

THREE: The ZEUS Framework is custom designed for coaching aspiring managers like you, by helping you develop your Managerial Competencies

What is the ZEUS Framework?

The ZEUS Framework is designed for aspiring managers like you keen on rising to the top. This Framework recognises a simple reality; your managerial competencies, your performance and your career growth, feed in to one another.

The ZEUS Framework

And the ZEUS Coaching is intended to get this cycle going, smoothly. The SIX design features that do this are

  • Empowerment: The Coachee gets to pick the Coach from the panel of ZEUS Coaches, based on personal preferences.
  • Personal Chemistry: A unique copyrighted process, GTKEO©, establishes a mutually comfortable relationship between the Coachee and the Coach.

    GTKEO© = Get To Know Each Other

  • Inventory of Managerial Competency: At ZEUS, this is done upfront so that both you the Coachee, and your Coach, have the same understanding of your competencies. And this insight is built up from two different viewpoints; “Inside out” & “Outside In”. A unique copyrighted process, ZEUS Twin Inventory of Managerial Competencies© is used. The four foundational competencies ZEUS focus on for mid-level managers are ...
    Foundational Competencies*
    Results Orientation
    Collaboration & Influence
    Team Leadership
    Market Understanding
    *Foundational Competencies are essential at middle management levels.
  • In addition, with your long term future in mind ZEUS also assesses which of the advanced competencies have begun to develop and help you nurture these too. As you grow into to leadership levels you will need them.
    Advanced Competencies**
    Strategic Orientation
    Organisational Capabilities
    Change Leadership
    ** These competencies would be needed as you rise up to leadership levels
  • Fast Track: ZEUS Coaching is like you; on fast track. Five Coaching Sessions with a gap of ~ 4 weeks; in 16~18 weeks your Managerial Competencies would have been built up, and nurturing of your advanced competencies would have begun.
  • Comfort & Convenience: You are always on the GO. Your time is not always under your control. ZEUS understands this. That is why ZEUS offers coaching over video conference. This makes it easy for you to schedule coaching sessions and keep to the schedule.
  • Sustained Growth: At ZEUS, your development doesn’t stop with the Coaching engagement. It continues. Your five sessions will wrap up with a Continuing Development Plan; a simple document you will develop with your Coach’s help, in the final coaching session.
Is Zeus Coaching a Paid Service? If yes, what does it cost?

Yes, ZEUS Coaching is a paid service. The fee structure is, Rs 90, 000 plus GST. In return the values you get are

  • ONE on ONE Coaching focused on strengthening your foundational competencies quickly; in about 18 weeks.
  • Coaching by a former CEO, Managing Director / Business Leader who began his career as a trainee and made it to the very top.
  • Total freedom to pick your ZEUS Coach from a panel, with no geographical limitations, since the coaching would be over video conference.
  • The logistic convenience and flexibility of scheduling coaching sessions over Video Conference.
  • Option of requesting the ZEUS Coach to talk to your Immediate Superior for a brief at the start and a debrief at the end - at no extra cost.
  • A comprehensive inventory of Your Managerial Competencies using ZEUS Twin Inventory of Managerial Competencies©
  • A Continuing Development Plan, to continue growing your competencies, performance and career, even after the engagement comes to a close.
Can I have face to face meetings?

Technology gives us the facilities that lessen the barriers of time and distance.- Emily Greene Balch

Certainly; if the ZEUS Coach you have chosen, is free, willing and you are ready to incur the additional costs.

Zeus urges you to reflect on following practical questions before considering this option.

  • What proportion of your professional interactions are over telephone and video calls? How do you expect this to change, in the years ahead?
  • You would like to pick a ZEUS Coach of your choice. Would you want geography getting in the way?
  • You know how difficult it is to carve out an hour of uninterrupted / focused time. Would you like to add on travel time, in addition? Either for yourself or your coach?
  • You know the value of being coached by a former CEO. And you know how valuable every CEO’s time is. Would it be productive use of your development monies to spend it on travel time & logistics costs of a CEO?

Even after reflecting on the above, if you are still keen on a face to face interaction, ZEUS is open. Please send your request to Zeus Team will check with your chosen Zeus coach and respond.

Isn’t face to face meeting more common in Coaching?

There is enormous value in face to face interaction.- Sebastian Thrun

Yes of course. Face to Face meetings at CEO / CXO level is needed for following reasons.

  • CEOs & CXOs, have the wherewithal to block their calendars for 3~4 hours at a time, 3~4 weeks in advance. This makes possible for travel & other logistics.
  • Coaching needs of CEOs & CXOs tend to be around advanced competencies such as strategic orientation, organisational capabilities, change leadership and inclusiveness. These are relatively subtler skills needing longer interactions of often up to 3 to 4 hours.

    Even in Coaching CEOs & CXOs, face to face meetings are substantially supported by telephonic and e-mail conversations.

What exactly happens in Coaching Sessions?

All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself.- Bill McCartney

Coaching Sessions are essentially conversations, that up your Managerial Competencies and help you realise your full potential. It focuses on your needs, your motivations, your aspirations, to assist you in understanding, selecting, building & exercising chosen managerial competencies.

Coaching conversations are typically around questions such as :

  • What is your current inventory of Managerial Competencies?
  • Where do you want to get to and why? What are the different ways you can get there? Which route(s) fit your native talents / managerial competencies best?
  • Which added competencies do you need to build? And, how could you do that?
  • Which competencies do you need to exercise more and in what situations?

It is around these questions, your Zeus Coach develops a coaching program, specifically for you.

The process of strengthening competencies has its own challenges. Your Zeus Coach is aware of this and would be sensitive to physical, emotional and mental challenges you would be going through.

What are the Managerial Competencies ZEUS Coaching focuses on?

ZEUS Coaching focuses on the following eight competencies

Foundational CompetenciesAdvanced Competencies
Results OrientationStrategic Orientation
Collaboration & InfluenceOrganisational Capabilities
Team Leadership Change Leadership
Market & UndersatndingInclusiveness
Foundational Competencies are the focus at middle management levels. Advanced competencies, would be needed at leadership roles in the future.
Where and how often do we meet?

You meet your Zeus Coach over easily available video conference facility such as Skype or similar.

Frequency would be once every 3 or 4 weeks. The intent is to complete the Five Coaching Sessions in about 15 weeks so that you can focus on your performance with renewed vigour. The actual time taken may vary a bit.

What is Coaching and what is Mentoring?

Both are about deep conversations that positively influence the Coachee / Mentee to develop themselves and realise their full potential. The differences are

Conversations are largely evocativeConversations are largely prescriptive
Focuses on specifics such as Managerial Competencies / Leadership Skills etcTakes a broader holistic view of work & life.
Limited to about 4~ 12 monthsLong term. May be 3~5 years or longer.
Coach is usually a skilled person of repute, often from outsideMentor is usually a very senior internal person
Is Coaching for me?

The ZEUS Framework for Coaching Managers is designed for people like you; aspiring middle level managers, keen on rising to the top.

ZEUS Framework recognises a simple reality; your career growth, your performance and your managerial competencies, continuously feed in to one another as virtuous cycle.

Are there situations where ZEUS Coaching is not appropriate?

Yes. There are three situations

ONE: Where the task is “imparting managerial knowledge”. Class room based development program such as MDPs & EDPs are amore appropriate for this.

TWO: Where an individual is grappling with a purely personal challenges, coaching is not appropriate. Counsellors may be more appropriate.

THREE: Out-placement / where an individual is seeking to switch jobs. Search firms may be more appropriate.

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